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1.2.1 is formed on the premise that people want to help people who have suffered catastrophic events. We recognize it is difficult for the average person to know where to even begin to help and almost impossible to know if their donations are actually received by those in need or they have any impact. We also know that in the face of such catastrophe, doing nothing is not an option.

The goal of our totally volunteer staff is to have every donation go directly to fill a human need. No overhead, no bureaucracy, and no waste. We understand we can't meet every need but we can meet some of them. We can connect people to each other in a grass roots way. We will stay involved as much as is practical by using a local resident or advocate helping define the needs, direct the distribution and provide feedback on use of the funds and our successes.

While our cause currently is to assist in the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, 1.2.1 will not ignore other areas where local assistance may be needed.

Our government cannot solve all problems following a disaster. Their focus is global. Ours is one neighbor to one neighbor, hence 1.2.1. We believe that small things can make a big difference.

Superstorm Sandy New Jersey Damage
Superstorm Sandy Source: © Superstrom Sandy Victim Bailing Water

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